Frog City Metal Art

Artist Statement

Our work as artists and sculptors has been a professional endeavor since 1966.

​Although we each have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, we feel that our years of experience and self-taught knowledge contribute greatly to our artistic abilities.

​As artists, we have each had individual success in other sculptural media, and feel it has brought us jointly to our present interest in metal sculpture. Most of our current works are done as large hanging wall pieces or kinetic sculptures.

​We begin first with an idea. Bob designs and creates the piece on paper, or in metal. Our work is usually done in recycled metals that we discover or purchase through various salvage yards.

​Bob then forms the piece by cutting and hammering, and sometimes by pressing the shapes he has designed into the copper or steel with a self-constructed hydraulic press. These are joined by brazing and soldering the pieces together.

​The metals used are copper, brass, steel, or pewter. Color is added to some with the technique of enameling or by using heat from the torch.

​If a patina is required, Dolores uses their own formulated verdigris patina applied to highlight certain areas of a design. The outcome of the coloring processes are determined by the weather and humidity, how hot the torch is, and the degree of verdigree patina that is used. Therefore, each is a one of a kind design and experience for the eyes.

​Dolores then applies a coat of lacquer that conditions it to last through all types of weather. Since most of these sculptures are destined for outdoor use, we make every attempt to make them durable and long-lasting. Those pieces with brilliant copper surfaces will slowly yield to a verdigris patina, and bring a feeling of nature’s timelessness to its chosen location.

​We combine our separate skills to design, create, and finish each original piece ourselves, with the hopes that the prospective owners will enjoy it as much as we have had the pleasure and fun in creating it.